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While I was working....I remembered

While I was working today I remembered I host a website, duh! So I took a pic with my phone and put it up here. I will take a better pic and clean the studio up for the official pic but this works just fine for now. Here a re are few pics of the progress. I would say that progress is being made! In a week or two I have some new parts coming in the mail for my Fender Strat overhaul project, Ill take some pics of the project as well and post them here. If that all goes well I do have plans to upgrade my KH LTD with a new Floyd Rose and a P-Bass upgrade as well. So still a lot to do but I am happy with my progress at present. Oh and before I forget, I love my Kemper. I may have to do a fan-boy video or something, that kit is excellent. Anyway hit me back with comments about my progress and let me know what you think!

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