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well shit...it was a nice thought and as they say 'Hell is full of good intentions'. I know that I said I was going to be attentive to my BLOG(s) , well at least I told myself that I was going to. All I can say is...I am fucking busy....all the time.....it does not stop BUT I can say while I have been so un-apologetically, dramatically with near apocalyptic type time crunches laying upon me I did get a chance to have some fun. So before that......lets talk about the studio and where we are with that.

Jersey City Recording has been moving along very nicely. The studio is up and functional, I finally purchased some new gear, a Kemper Profiling amp if you must know. I have tuned the speakers wired all of the monitoring, set up the instruments and have been dialing in my guitars. I have even been dusting off my chops as I learn how to use the Kemper. I did forget about how much I do miss and love playing guitar. Drums are home and are great but I do miss being creative with a sexy smooth guitar in my hand. I have all of the inspiration tracks cued, and the last check from BMI to keep me inspired to write some funky jams.

As far as the more personal things, Dorothy and I have been planning our wedding for December and that does take up a lot of time. So far I think it is going to be a good and fun party, and We are nervously excited to GTFO of NY for a few weeks and actually go on a proper vacation. We are planning a Viking themed wedding for obvious reasons and I am currently brewing a new batch of Mead for the toast at the ceremony. I did some preliminary tasting and it is going to be delicious.

On top of all of that the NFL has retained me again this year for NY Season games, which is a blessing and a curse, the blessing being that the checks from those gigs will pay for the wedding the curse being that I won't have very many days off with Dorothy until the wedding. This is not much fun but unfortunately she is great and wonderful and understands that this is the life for now. This scenario also puts pressure on me to complete the master plan, which I have been talking about since like the beginning of 2017. The master plan is a topic of another conversation all together so lets not get that started here.

I will leave you now with some pics of those fun things we have been doing recently and hopefully we can go back to doing more fun things really soon.

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