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So here we go again Internet......

So here we are again internet, just you and I huddled in the corner in front of a dimly lit computer screen. Struggling once more with my thoughts as if they were a bowl full of hot spaghetti noodles, just fumbling about, each one slipping past my grip and with every noodle, each strand an ever-growing metaphor for my mental stability. I digress.

We will start our story in the ever-present – Open to an old neighborhood in New Jersey. Jersey City to be specific. How the Hell did I end up in New Jersey! This is a question I ask myself at least once a week but for the time being, I am digging in and making the best of my time here, which hopefully will be relatively short-lived.

In truth, a lot of good things have happened this year for me and my better half, Dorothy. We just moved again….for the second time in a year. So that actually makes it a grand total of twice I have moved to New Jersey. This New apartment though, has many amenities that the previous disaster we are calling an apartment just did not have. The best of which is that I can Finally Rebuild My Recording Studio and I can finally go back to work! This is without a doubt the most interesting and most exciting thing happening for us right now amongst all the heavy lifting of rebuilding ones day to day life in New York City with a side of New Jersey, not to mention being overly stressed from adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of NJ/NYC, we have more depressingly been musically and creatively starved. This Ends Now! We have a lot to catch up on but for now, I will leave you, internet with this. This year will mark the 10th anniversary of an irritated and completely reckless decision to hurl my life into a state of ever changing chaos. This in itself is an adventure to be told on another day but for now, I can gladly say after all of the complaining and melodramatic wining that you were just forcibly privy to, I could not be happier with how things have turned out. So sweet dreams and Good Night…..Internet. 6-23-18

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. – Steve Jobs

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