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Slate V.M.S. -vs- Antelope EDGE

In the left corner we have Steven Slate a relative new comer to the world of professional audio manufacturers, with his Virtual Mic System and software emulation plug-ins. With the clinically sterile and extremely flat frequency response of this large diaphragm condenser microphone, designed to be used in conjunction with their proprietary emulation plug-ins. In this way Slate gives us a very nice package of microphone emulations allowing entry level use of classic microphones that otherwise would be out the reach of most. This mic package coming at a very enticing $799.00 for the Mic and $14.99 a month for Slates Complete plug-in library, ever expanding as they create new plug-ins. It seems that even for the amateur artist, at this price point almost everyone who wants to get down on this tech is able to do so with out thousands in investment capital.

In the Right corner we have long time pro audio heavy weight Antelope Audio who is well known for making great products that are reliable, produce and function as advertised with even dare I say a cult like following. Antelope bringing its new EDGE microphone with undoubtedly a high quality large diaphragm condenser microphone does one thing that I am starting to see more of in the industry, that for myself my reaction is - 'DUH!' - why haven't manufactures worked this out sooner? Having a creative option such as this for the bedroom or garage producer this function is a very useful tool. I of course speak of the two channel option where the microphone actually allows a split of the mics two capsules to independent sources. The question beyond it's technical hardware ruggedness and boutique split of it's capsules, one has to ask about the frequency response of the microphone as compared to Slate's clinical flatness, how does the EDGE stack up? This package coming in slightly higher at $999.00 for the microphone and only 12 plug-in activation's, this package might be slightly out of the comfort zone for some but still well within the price point one would expect form a professional product.

Slate Virtual Microphone System


Antelope EDGE


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