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And what Hors d'oeuvres will the bereaved be having?

Fuck!...........Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!!!!..........Just in case you were wondering this is not exactly a PG rated blog here, so I will just express my feeling as they come, because here via this vast and seemingly endless medium we call the internet, I am allowed this freedom of expression.....for now.

It is in this medium of expression and free flowing ever expanding catalog of knowledge; The cascade of shared ideas and information that sometimes we are confronted, sometimes gruesomely and with no sense of care, we are exposed to things we wish were either not true, or we wish could have never been known.

Today I was exposed, I was confronted with information that I have yet to even really process, and in a way that of course is totally expected but totally irresponsible and aggravating. The original online dating service, the collection of hotties with the naughtiest, the original Marry, Boff, Kill........a catalog of women from which to pick your date, and before I get way too off topic and distracting; I'm talking about Facebook. It seems that when I get bad news it comes to me most directly on Facebook. Oddly enough I rarely use Facebook but lately it seems that when I do, all I get is bad news about someone or something I care about. I just don't know how to manage this issues or the feelings that I am left with. I am getting to my point.

As Reported on CNN online;

(CNN)Vinnie Paul, drummer and founding member of the metal band Pantera, has died, the band announced on Facebook.

"Vincent Paul Abbott aka Vinnie Paul has passed away," the band said.Paul, 54, also was known for his work as a drummer for the metal band Hellyeah.No further details are available at this time."The family requests you please respect their privacy during this time," the band said.Paul formed Pantera in the 1980s with his brother, guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott. Their father was Jerry Abbott, a country and western songwriter and producer.The band was nominated for Grammys in 1995 and 2001.Pantera's third release, "Far Beyond Driven," debuted at No. 1 in 1994.The band dissolved at the end of a tour in 2003 amid much speculation of a rift between band members. The two brothers, however, played down any bitterness during an interview with CNN in 2004."We had 13 years of really, really good success. And basically the singer wanted to move on, do some other things and really lost his focus," Paul said at the time.Darrell Abbott was shot and killed in 2004 during a concert in Columbus, Ohio, with his new band Damageplan. A 25-year-old man stormed the stage, killing him and three others.

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth tweeted,

"I just woke up in Belgium to the news that my friend Vinnie Paul has passed away. Another metal hero taken too soon. Say hello to Daryl for me. Rest In Peace, my dear friend."

Paul Stanley, lead singer for the classic rock group KISS, tweeted about Paul's death.

"So sad to hear of the death of Vinnie Paul. Loved when Pantera did shows with us and in later years Vinnie was always front and center at all KISS shows. RIP and condolences to his family," he wrote.

California rock band Papa Roach reacted on Twitter upon learning of Paul's passing.

"Gutted to hear about the nicest guy in metal passing. Vinnie Paul showed us nothing but love. We'll miss you Vinnie," the band tweeted.


CNN's Deanna Hackney contributed to this report.

This family has been through quite enough, with the passing of Dimebag and now Vinnie, I just can't believe it and as of today no one has released a cause of death which in the climate of today does not sit well, especially after the mismanagement of Rock Icon Prince and his 'death' and I say that in this way because I believe his death was completely avoidable if it were not for his 'stellar' management crew who's only real job was to, much like a child, just keep him healthy and alive. Or in the case of Chris Cornell, which I am calling a murder by the record company not a suicide, much like Elvis Presley, sell enough records or die; mysteriously.

As my feelings and my sheer frustration with this come to settle, I do have to think about the events beyond ones death. It comes in a series of events, initially you find out the news. Before you can even really absorb this information and decide how are going to react, you are forced into the responsibilities of telling friends and family the news. Next you have to go to the morgue and handle the paperwork, signing death certificates, seeing to final preparations for the remains of your loved one. Visiting the lawyer for last will and testaments, assuming there are such things. Then this being the short list, you have to plan a party, not a fun party but a wake. A burial plan, what you are going to do so that you and everyone else can see to their own personal closure. This part I am the most offended by I think; because at some point this is the question, you being the closest to the dearly departed would be at the mortuary struggling through the last of the paperwork and fumbling through piles of insurance information trying to see how much this situation might cost you, and how you wish to present this death to the world. Sooner or later this question will actually come out of the morticians mouth, and it appalls me so greatly that if I were alive to hear it at my own funerary planning I would just die all over again, with slanted gaze and disrespectful tongue this fucker would actually ask - "And what hors d'oeuvres will the bereaved be having?

Rest in Peace Vincent Paul Abbott, you will forever be missed.

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